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Smart Home Gift Guide for 2018 and Beyond

The Details

In 2018, the curiosity for smart technology is continuously growing, especially since these gadgets make lives easier and they’re fun to play with too!

Giving smart home gadgets guarantees you that your gifts are actually going to be used and it’s a great feeling watching the person receiving the gift.

Now, it’s time to delve into our list of the best smart home devices that make great gifts. Enjoy!

Smart Thermostat: Ecobee4 ($249)

The Ecobee4 is not just another smart thermostat. Not only does it follow voice commands to adjust air temperature, it also works as its own Amazon speaker. It can do everything Alexa can do, from shopping and playing music to controlling other devices. Before you buy this as a gift, make sure the receiver doesn’t already own a smart speaker. Otherwise, you may want to consider a more affordable thermostat.

Smart Vacuum: Ecovacs Deebot N79S ($230)

Any device that can vacuum floors on its own is immediately a smart purchase, which is why the Ecovacs Deebot N79S makes a perfect gift. It can be integrated with apps and smart home ecosystems can clean surfaces efficiently and has a manual steering option. This gadget also has an impressive battery life.

Smart Lights: Philips Hue ($50)

This amazing smart light bulb doesn’t just allow you to control the level of light, it also enables you to choose the color of your lights. While brightening or dimming the Philips Hue on-command, you can also customize color-coordinated moods and set it on schedule. If you want to wake up to a pink bedroom each morning, you can with this innovative smart light bulb.

These light bulbs are compatible with most smart home systems, which makes it a good choice if you plan on buying light bulbs as gifts. If the receiver isn’t exactly keen on colors, you can go for the Philips Hue White instead.

Smart Light Switch: TP-Link HS200 ($38)

If you’re planning on buying smart lights, why don’t you add a smart light switch too? The TP-Link HS200 eliminates the chore of having to switch the lights on or off manually- you can do so from your phone or your smart home system.

This smart light switch can be controlled using the Kasa app, wherein you can customize smart actions and scenes. For example, if you tell the app that you’re doing some work upstairs, it will switch off all the lights downstairs. Pretty cool, huh?

It integrates with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as well as Wink and the Apple HomeKit.

Smart Speaker: 2nd Gen Amazon Echo ($100)

For a hundred bucks, you can buy the amazing Amazon Echo, which can be connected to Alexa to set alarms, play favorite tunes, send messages, and make phone calls. It integrates with other smart home products, so you can command it to turn your sprinklers as well.

The new Amazon Echo uses noise cancellation technology and fills the room with a 360-degree audio, so the commands can be heard from any direction. The Echo can do whatever you tell it to do: order food, turn the TV on, turn the lights off, or show you traffic updates. It’s the perfect gift for a buddy who doesn’t go out (or leave the couch) often.

Smart Grill: Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker with SmartChef Technology ($167)

For your grilling-loving friend, a smart griller is all he or she needs. Smart grillers eliminate the tasks of having to check the temperature regularly, check the meat if it’s cooked, and add lighter fluid or coals when it’s needed. This gadget can do all that and more. It also sends alerts on your smart device when the grill is ready to use and if the food is ready to be served.

This smart electric grill has a cooking space of 725 square inches, which means it can accommodate lots of meat in it, making it the perfect tool for both big and small events.

Smart Cooking: Perfect Bake Pro ($87)

If a friend or a member of the family loves to cook but doesn’t really know what to cook half the time, the Perfect Bake Pro can help decide what you can do with whatever you currently have on the fridge. Simply input what available food you have and watch it generate recipes using those ingredients.

This smart technology can figure out how many people can eat the food using by simply knowing the amount of a particular ingredient. If you’re interested in a recipe, it can give you a list of items that you need to get from the store.

One of the best things you can get from this kit is the smart bowl, which alerts you when to stop pouring an ingredient once you input the needed amount.

Smart Security: NetGear Arlo Q ($120)

The smart devices mentioned above are useful in terms of convenience and entertainment, but the NetGear Arlo Q is especially useful to protect your home and everyone and everything in it. This smart security system is capable of recording high-quality audio and video and captures high-quality photos even when it’s totally dark. You can leave it on so that it captures everything 24/7, but you also have the option to set it when you want it to work.

The NetGear Arlo Q comes with a free seven-day audio and video backup, so although pricey, it is one of the smartest purchases you can ever make.

Final Thoughts

Buying gifts is not an easy task, but you can never go wrong with smart home devices. Of course, there are still a lot of smart gadgets out there, but you can start with these eight devices and hand them out this gift-giving season. Have you made a choice yet?

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