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Popular Trends in Modern Home Designs

The Details

The design of a house says several things about the owner of the home. Your walls, furniture and floors all show details of your personality. If you want your home to say things about your personality, you should be very picky in choosing your home design. All exterior and interior details should be carefully selected. Many people in the suburbs love houses that have a cozy vibe to them. On the other hand, people who live in an urban area prefer their home to make a bold statement.

City Style versus Suburban Style

Most city dwellers prefer modern home designs that take a minimalist approach. Furniture in the home is meant to be functional and decorative. Clean lines and smooth surfaces are emphasized. Furniture pieces are solid white or dark colors. Floors are usually wooden. Wall decor is kept to a minimum. Most suburban residents prefer modern home designs that take elements from classic French and British design styles. Furniture pieces are white or pastel hues. Wood paneling and hardwood floors are popular design options in suburban homes. Outdoor entertaining space is also popular in modern suburban homes.

Common Features of City and Suburban Styles

All modern home designs are focused on open floor plans. Wide open spaces and natural light are key factors of open floor plans. Convenience is also an important factor. Some new home designs have laundry rooms near the master bedroom. Every home should have a breakfast nook or dining room. If the home has ample space, it can have a breakfast nook and a dining room. Bay windows are popular in family rooms and bedrooms. Storage places should be discreet. Ottomans should be used for storage and seating. Kitchens in modern homes often have stone floors. Most modern kitchens have bronze fixtures.

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking at Floor Plans

Regardless of whether you prefer to live in an urban or suburban environment, you should keep in mind a few things. There is no such thing as too much lighting, and natural light is always better than artificial light. You should purchase your accessories immediately after buying your furniture. This way you can ensure your furniture matches your accessories. Choose your floors wisely. Besides your walls, your floors are things people will notice. You should also keep in mind that your floor needs to be durable. You should consider your household when you are choosing floors for your home. For example, you might not want to have carpeted floors if you have pets.

Show Your Personality in Modern Home Designs

Since your home is a reflection of your personality, you should do a self-assessment before having your home built. Your personality should show in every room of your home. The style of the house and where you will live are important things to keep in mind. The outside of your home should look similar to the other homes in your neighborhood. Do not get overwhelmed with design plans. Keep it simple, and remember that your home is an extension of who you are.

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