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Design Trends of 2018: What’s HOT

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If you want to increase the level of appeal of your residential property and show it off to your guests, it’s important that the space is updated and looks trendy. Over time, the latest looks and designs can evolve, making it necessary to update the materials and fixtures that are on display. When making over your home in 2018, there are a few trends to be aware of to boost the aesthetics of your interior setting while tossing out a couple of outdated looks.

Colorful Kitchens

Although white kitchens have been trending for several years, more people are adding a splash of color to their kitchen to create a bright and cheery setting that has more visual appeal. Colorful cabinets are beginning to emerge and often feature colors that include blue, emerald green, and blush. Bold color shades look daring and take the interior design up a notch. Although the materials in white kitchens have been stainless, you can expect to see more copper and concrete used, which pair well with the latest colors.

Kitchens are becoming more colorful but are also transitioning into a darker space that is cozy. The dark color shades will add extra depth and will be easier to maintain because it requires less cleaning than all-white kitchens.

Rose Gold

Although brass materials have reigned in popularity in past years, rose gold is now taking the lead to create a chic addition to homes with its pink tint. The metallic material can be incorporated into the house with appliances or fixtures that are added, which will add a pop of detail to the kitchen or living room. Rose gold is known to be glamorous and can add an upscale style in the home that is chic.

Dining Tables in the Kitchen

Open floor concepts may be popular, but more homeowners are making their dining tables transition into the kitchen. Those who have smaller kitchens can benefit with the use of a dining table in the space, which can double as an island when preparing food. Having a traditional dining table in the room will look classic and cozy for those who want to entertain as they prepare food. Consider building a dining table that has a quartz countertop to ensure that it’s versatile with how it can be used.


Wallpaper may have been kicked off of the interior design scene but has officially become a trend again and is having a moment. Wall coverings are increasing in popularity for the added detail that they incorporate into various rooms. Consider adding wallpaper with oversized florals to a guest bathroom or using wallpaper with vertical stripes to your bedroom, depending on your style and the decor that is already used in the space. The wall covering will make a statement and can draw the eye to a specific area of the house. You can use wallpaper on all four walls of smaller bathrooms or on an accent wall on large rooms to prevent it from looking overwhelming.

Mod walls are also a popular look, which is known to feature nature-inspired prints and natural details that are organic and incorporate a touch of the outdoors inside of the building.

With the re-introduction of wallpaper, you can expect to say farewell to brown or beige walls that have commonly been used in homes in the last decade.

Bold Ceilings and Floors

If you want to draw the eyes up or down in your home and allow it to appear larger, you can get creative with the look of your ceilings and floors. Whether using bold colors or different geometric patterns, the space can be used as a canvas to express yourself and play with different types of prints. It’s a great way to have fun and break a few rules with interior decorating.

If you decide to use checkered tiles on the floor or paint the ceiling with a bold color shade, you’ll need to use neutral decor in the room to balance out the style of the space to prevent it from looking overwhelming.


Many interior designers agree that black is becoming more common to use in households due to the statement that it makes. Whether used on a lampshade or as a paint color on the wall, black is edgy and unconventional, which makes it a popular color to use for 2018. Black is also popular for appliances that are used with more people choosing black stainless steel ovens, dishwashers, and fridges to add a masculine touch to the kitchen.

Black is also popular due to its elegance and sophistication. Consider pairing it with light colors to create plenty of contrast that can transform the look of your home.

Curved Furniture

Get creative with the furniture pieces that are on display with curved furniture that you can place in your bedroom or living room. Furniture that has curves instead of straight edges is popular because it’s easy on the eyes and appears more whimsical. Incorporating more curves and soft edges into your home while removing a few boxy furniture pieces can create a more welcoming setting that is retro. The style is a nod to the ’70s and ’80s and looks bold when used sparingly throughout the building.

Green Accents

Green accents continue to be popular in 2018 by incorporating a touch of the outdoors into the home. Many people who enjoy interior decorating are still obsessed with adding an abundance of plants in their home, whether it’s in the bedroom or the kitchen. You can add a cactus in your living room or a fiddle leaf fig tree in a home office, which will look tropical and lush. Place the plants in trendy pots to create a decor item that can be used as an accessory in your home’s interior.

Antibacterial Materials

Those who are conscious of germs and want to create a clean home will appreciate the popularity of antibacterial materials, which makes it easier to avoid coming in contact with harmful chemicals and bacteria. New technology that has emerged includes antibacterial surfaces that have the ability to purify the air in the room.

Automated faucets are also a must-have for 2018 because they make it easy to wash your hands without having to touch anything. You can wave your hand under the faucet to turn the water on, which is convenient when cooking or using the restroom.

Breakfast Nooks

The dining room is getting more attention in 2018 due to its cozy element that has made a comeback. Breakfast nooks are inviting and will allow you to spend more time dining in a comfortable space that is a great way to start the day. Although open-floor plans have been popular, more people are building breakfast nooks as a way to feel more at home and relax in an intimate area of the building.

Breakfast nooks often feature an L-shaped upholstered bench where your family members or guests can slide in next to each other. Consider building the nook in an area that has a view to prevent it from feeling too cramped.


Knowing the latest design trends for your home can make it easier to decide which elements you want to incorporate to make your space appear modern and updated. With the right color shades and materials used, you can feel more comfortable in the setting and enjoy showing it off throughout the year.

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